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    Upper Arlington Real Estate

    Located northwest of Downtown Columbus, Upper Arlington enjoys a convenient location as a first-ring suburb of Central Ohio, with easy access to downtown Columbus, the Columbus airport and major highways. Upper Arlington was developed according to the Garden City–inspired which called for following the contours of the land to form curving streets, copiously lined with trees, rather than a gridded street layout. This development style gave the oldest district in Upper Arlington (at its southernmost end) its distinctively pleasant, park-like feel which is characteristic of the neighborhoods South of Lane Avenue. After WWII resulted in the development of many new housing tracts north of Lane Avenue. The newer developments were mostly organized along normal street grids, and with the usually ranch-style houses, this area is called River Ridge. By the 1960s, as the city grew north, the houses were larger and the neighborhoods more consistent with the intent of the original section south of Lane Avenue.