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    Color Choices – What Colors Can Help Sell A House?

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    Adding color to the walls of your home lets you express your individuality and your style. The colors you choose to paint your walls can really bring a room to life in ways that adding accessories just can’t, however, a fresh coat of paint can do more than just give your rooms some personality. With the right colors you can help increase the likelihood that your house will sell at a good price when you decide to sell it. Below are some our picks of the best colors to use (and some to shy away from if you are looking to sell your home).

    Picking the Right Color

    A good choice to consider if you are looking for a color for the whole home would be a light shade of gray or beige. These colors help to liven up rooms by adding just a bit of color but are neutral enough to let each room’s other accents take command. Some off-white colors, especially those with hints of brown or other warm shades, can also brighten up your rooms. Many of these colors pair well with white or beige baseboards and trim.

    Good Kitchen Colors

    If you’re going room by room, the kitchen is a good place to add a bit of darker color. Darker grays and grays mixed with darker blue shades do well in the kitchen; in fact, some reports have shown that homes with a gray-blue shade in the kitchen sell for an average of $1800 more than similar homes with other kitchen shades. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of wall that’s actually visible behind the cabinets and appliances, you may be able to get away with hotter colors such as deep red or dark orange. Just avoid going too bright with whatever color you choose.

    Living Room and Bath Colors

    The living area and bathroom both benefit from more neutral shades such as beige and gray, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change things up in some cases. Consider the flooring and other fixtures as well as the amount of natural light that comes into the room and look at colors that take advantage of what’s already there. Light green, blue or brown can sometimes work wonderfully, especially if they include hints of gray to keep them from being too bright. You can even choose a bit stronger blues in the bathroom as home buyers tend to respond well to blue there, just so long as you don’t go for too bright of a shade.

    Bedroom Colors

    Blue is a popular bedroom color, especially in shades such as cerulean. There are several bold color choices that you can get away with in the bedroom, though. Don’t go crazy with the bedroom colors and avoid anything that’s too bright – but giving the bedroom a splash of color in blue, green or even red or brown can work well so long as it’s not too much of a departure from the rest of the house.

    Colors to Avoid

    Just like some colors will help to sell your home and possibly help you net more money there are some colors that, generally speaking, should be avoided. Colors that are very bright or garish should be avoided since it could turn off potential buyers. Black is another color to avoid; not only do many people find it depressing, but it will also be difficult for future homeowners to cover up. Also on the list of colors to avoid? Bright white. You might think that this would give your home a clean look or make it ready for a new homeowner to customize, but bright whites (especially when paired with white trim) often create a clinical look that actually makes buyers less interested in the space.

    Making the Choice

    If you’re not sure which colors will work best in your home, consider bringing in an interior designer or painter to help you pick the perfect hue or call Julie & Company | Keller Williams Excel Realty at 614-.259-8229 to speak with an experienced real estate consultant who can help you make the best color choices to help sell your home.

    Do you need help fixing up your home to get ready to sell? Email us at and we’ll send you our list of preferred vendors who can help you out!

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