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    7 Home Updates For The Millennial Buyer

    More than 40% of all new home loans are currently for Millennial Buyers! There’s a very good chance the next person to see your house when it goes for sale will be a Millennial. These are our top 7 picks of updates to make to your home to attract the Millennial Buyer.

    • Smart Home – Millennials are known for being tech savvy and whole house connectivity is a major selling point for the Millennial Buyer. From security systems they can control with an app to tech that helps save money on utilities could be the tipping point to choosing your house!
    • Gathering Spaces – Show case those areas that are great for entertaining and socializing. Placing an emphasis on community spaces to gather either inside or outside is a major plus.
    • USB Chargers – This small investment in USB outlets can have a huge impact on the Millennial Buyer. USB charged devices are everywhere and making it easy to charge could mean a sale of your house!
    • Home Office – Home offices are making a come back. Younger professionals are working from home more often now and are looking for a dedicated work space.
    • Energy Saving Appliances – Millennials are looking for ways to offset the cost of home ownership and energy-efficient appliances have a large appeal. Think about replacing old appliances with Energy Star-certified appliances.
    • Neutral Colors – No matter the demographic, creating a clean slate with soft neutral colors is a great choice. Think about soft grays and warm tans then add a pop of color with your accessories.
    • Garage Tech – You don’t have to go all out with an electric car charger but adding in some smart tech to the garage like app controlled garage door openers can be a great investment.

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