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    7 Easy Steps To A Cozy Winter Home

    Winter is here and the nights are longer. What better time to snuggle in and keep it cozy at home? Check out our 7 favorite ways to keep your home cozy and warm this winter below!

    • Upgrade to flannel – Nothing says keeping warm in bed like fresh new flannel sheets to help keep the warmth in. An extra quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed is always great to have for when it gets really cold out at night.
    • Have some spare slippers – Keep an extra set of warm slippers by your bed and at your front door to keep comfortable, and warm, feet throughout the house. Extra bonus, slippers at the front door help keep salt and slush from being tracked through your home.
    • Add textured throw pillows – swapping out the pillow cover or using the cold as the perfect excuse to buy some big furry pillows to add that extra layer of cozy to your couch.
    • Switch out the rugs – swap out the flat area rug for a rug with more pile to sink your feet into. If you don’t want to splurge on all new rugs considering adding smaller, fuller, area rugs on top of larger area rugs under the coffee table, by your favorite chair, or next to your bed.
    • Soften up the lights – Earlier nights mean the lights come on sooner too. Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere by switching out harsh white lights with warm-toned LED lights. You can make it even more intimate by leaving off the harsh overhead lighting and letting the soft glow of table lamps create a candle-lit feeling.
    • Change up the window treatments – Moving from warm to cold weather think about switching out the lighter, sheer window treatments for fuller, heavier ones in velvet or drapes with thermal lining to not only keep it cozy but to insulate the room as well.
    • Add some memories – Displaying your holiday cards on the mantel or creating a memory wall of pictures from the past year may not physically warm up your home but it will warm the spirit and joy of your home with happy memories to help get you through the grey winter months.

    What is  your favorite way to add some warmth and coziness to your home? Let us know in the comments.

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