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    5 Easy Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill

    Being energy efficient isn’t just about saving the environment. Making small changes can have a huge impact on your wallet as well! When you cut back on how much energy you use, you save money. Some energy-efficient changes are one-time investments. while others are things you can do every day! Check out our top 5 favorite ways to improve energy efficiency in your home.

    Lower The Thermostat

    Dropping the thermostat 3-5 degrees while you aren’t home can start to make a dent in that bill. Lowering the thermostate 10-15 degrees during the work day can save you up to 15% every year on your utility bill! There are a range of programmable thermostats to help you keep your temperatures cozy when you are at home and efficient when you are away.

    Seal All Windows

    You don’t need all new windows to start saving money. If your windows are starting to feel drafty add some weather stripping. During the coldest winter months consider adding a sheet of shrink film to your windows to help keep heat in and cold drafts out. Also look for leaks around exterior doors.

    Unplug Unused Chargers

    Cell phone, laptop, and tablet chargers that are left plugged in but not in use are energy vampires! One cell phone charger alone may not make much of a difference but collectively these energy vampires can account for up to 10% of your energy bill!

    Tune Up Your HVAC System

    Ensuring your furnace and A/C are running at optimal efficiency can save you money every month.  A home heating and cooling check-up improves efficiency by ensuring connections are tightened, parts are properly lubricated and coils are cleaned. Tuning up your HVAC system can also help you avoid replacing your furnace, which can cost between $2,000 and $8,000.

    Take Advantage Of Incentives

    Recent increases in incentives now allow for up to 30% of the cost of home improvements — like new windows, insulation, heating, or air conditioning — to an existing home to a maximum of $1,500. That’s money back in your pocket in addition to your power bill savings! Keep this in mind when considering making big ticket improvements.

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